Tips For Shopping at Plus Size Boutiques

Guest Post by Lauren Bracy

If you are someone with a curvy shaped body, then you must be always struggling with finding a dress to hide your curves. There are many fabrics which you can choose to look slim. Finding the right dress to balance your proportions can be simplified by using three steps:

  1. Wearing the size which fits you. Don’t wear oversized clothes as they make you look bulky. Always choose the size that perfectly fits with your body.
  2. Purchase accessories according to your body size, wearing detailed tiny neckpieces can make you look larger, and you can talk to your fashion designers to choose the best dresses along with matching accessories.
  3. Try designs of vertical lines or similar type of designs as they make you look slimmer. You can search for such plus size dresses online and choose the best one according to your preferred colour, size and designs.

Quick tips for shopping at plus size boutiques

When you are going shopping at plus size boutiques, carefully understand your body contours – tall or short, wider hips, broad shoulders, short legs, long torso etc. You need to find a balance to appear lean and tall. It is better to visit plus size boutique and make your customize or tailor-made dresses. If you are short then you should wear heels to look tall and wearing knee-length skirts will help you make look slim.

  • Find the right plus size boutiques

Shopping for plus sizes can be daunting. Many girls cry out loud because they don’t look as good as they have expected. This is because they don’t go to the right place for shopping where the sales girl can assist them to look lean by helping them purchase the right kind of dress

  • Don’t think too much while shopping

You need to accept your body and stop BODY SHAMING. Unlike other oh-so fit humans, you will need clothes for days where you just don’t feel like dressing up. But easy-going leggings and crop top will go well on days where you don’t want to dress.

  • Follow some plus sized women

These style icons will inspire you to try different sizes at plus size boutiques without feeling bad about your body size. You will have to search for good plus size boutiques so that you can have a cupboard full of amazing dresses. You need to take some trial of these plus size dresses before you finalize the purchase.

  • Try vintage kaftans

Kaftans are loose dresses which looks good on plus size women. They are good to wear during a holiday as it is quite comfortable and rounds off the body contours. Try out some designer kaftans for a new look. These dresses are quite traditional and you can also choose other designs such as long skirts and long length dresses for your plus size body.

  • Wear only comfortable dresses

You might try fitting in a smaller size to look slim but it is not recommended for you to fit into a size that is not yours. This will make you uncomfortable and in turn, will make you look fatter. Always pick up a size in which you are comfortable and make sure that these dresses are easy to care and easy to maintain.

There are many plus size boutiques available both online as well as offline stores which offer a variety of dresses for travel, work and home to the plus sized woman. Choose a fabric wisely to give you a slimmer look but of excellent quality which lets your skin breathe.

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