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This is The Power Of Having a Positive Mindset

The world we live in is a beautiful place. But it’s also hard. It’s a hard place to live in and it can really bring you down – if you let it. If you let negativity into your mind and into your space, it will surround you. And it will overpower you. And it will dictate your life and how you live and feel each and every day. And sometimes, that becomes normal for people. So much so that they just believe they’re a pessimist. And that the world is out to get them. And that’s just how it’s going to be. But, that’s a choice. And that can sound a little harsh, but it’s true. Accepting negativity and pessimism is a choice. The alternative? Positivity. Positivity and good mental health. Positivity and happiness. Positivity and a life that you love.

Yet, a lot of people don’t realize that this IS a choice. That they CAN be happy. And that dark cloud over them can go away. Now, sometimes we’re talking about a much bigger issue than just a positive vs. negative outlook. Sometimes there are chemical imbalances that need to be addressed. But not always. Sometimes, a mindset shift is all it takes. And how will you know if that might work for you unless you try? So, let’s take a look at the power of a positive mindset, and how you can embrace one yourself.

Understanding how your mind works

But before you get started, it’s going to help you to understand the beast. Because if you want to change something, you need to understand it. And it’s the same with your mind. Because your mind is preprogrammed to be negative and to worry and to protect you. So when you realize WHY you’re thinking in the way that you do, you can then be more conscious to make positive adjustments.

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Wanting to make a change

You need to WANT the change. Because unless you want to do it, you just won’t. You won’t have to fight as hard for it. So think about how you want to live. How you want to spend your time. What you want your every day to look like. Keep these images in your mind and this is going to help you to bring that positivity to you.

Facing the demons

Now comes the hard part. Going after it. But, the secret is that this is only hard in your mind. Once you start, you’ll realize that you are strong enough and that you can do this and you ARE going to live well and be happy. You just have to choose to do that and to make a start. Face those demons. Here, you need to build a recovery plan for anorexia or talk about your worries or figure out how to overcome your thought patterns. But you have to act.

Facing your fears

But you’re not going to stop there. Because the power of embracing a more positive mind really comes alive when you’re able to make your dreams happen. Whether that’s to fall in love and have a family, or embark on a career change that you’ve always wanted to do, or travel around the world – no matter what it is – you need to face your fears. Because when you start to act and make changes and step forward, you’ll realize that it’s not so scary after all, and you can literally create your dream life all for yourself.

Feeling grateful

The next thing that’s going to help you all in this journey is to think about the things that you are grateful every day. Every single day. Because when you have more gratitude in life, and when you choose to see the good in life, you’ll always feel happy. It’s impossible to feel sad. Because you’re living on the lighter side of life, and it’s truly life-changing.

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Reaching for more

And then, you have to reach. If you keep your mind in an ordinary state, it will stay there. If you want to make a big career change or you want to relocate or you want to change your body to be healthier, then you need to set big goals. Big, scary, overwhelming goals. Because when something is big, you’re going to reach higher. And this is going to help you to move forward.

Setting intentions

Then when it comes to making sure that you have a positive mindset at all times, you need to proactively want that and set yourself up for success. And this starts with your intentions. So CHOOSE to be positive. Start your day out right. Embrace the things that make you feel good and let go of the things that hold you back. But make sure that you set your intentions every single day, and this can help you to keep that positive mindset going strong.

Believing in yourself

And now, you need to believe in yourself. Because unless you get behind you, nobody else will. YOU need to trust in your abilities and then you need to take a step. And sure, it’s hard to have confidence in your career or your hobbies or your health efforts. But you just have to. You have to back yourself and know you can do it. Because that confidence can take you a long way and feeds into your positive outlook.

Accepting yourself

But above all else, you need to accept yourself. Flaws and all. Do not see yourself through rose tinted glasses. Do not expect perfection. Do not judge. Just own who you are. Start by understanding your personality. What you like. How you act. Who you are as a person. And then accept that. Love that. Know that it’s okay to be you. And sure, if there are things that you want to change because you know you can be a better version of you if you do, then go ahead and make changes. But not for anyone else, just for your own happiness. And when you adopt this mindset, a positive, happy, and healthy mind will easily be yours.

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  • Kat

    That ‘wanting to make a change’ point is so important. So often we really want to make a change in our lives, but it’s hard to action it! It’s such a good idea to put the images of what you want your life to look like, or what the change will look like, in your head!

    • Multipotentialite

      Thanks for reading my post and for your valuable input!! I’m glad you got something positive out of it. Xx

  • Sharon

    This posts hits home for me!!! After I separated from my then husband I had to face my fears (never managed a budget) and my demons (overspending). It was ALOT of work but I am so grateful I did! I will never go back to being that careless with money. Believing and accepting myself was next, I have learned to love myself at any size and I believe Mr.Perfect for me will to! Setting intentions instead of goals was a new one for me. I set goals and charge at the completion causing anxiety at times to fit everything in and be successful. Now I intent to focus on goals not charge at them much less stress.

    • Multipotentialite

      Hi there! Thanks so much, lovely to hear your story. I’m proud of you for all that personal growth, it takes a lot of work!! Keep going, and you do you! Thanks for taking the time out to read my post. Xx

  • Suktara

    Some great points here. I recently heard a phrase “face your inner tiger” it just stayed with me and while reading your post I have been reminded of this simple thought. Most of the sloth in our lives comes from the fear to face our demons. Also self-acceptance is difficult but it helps your self-esteem to a large extent if you think of it as a means of realising your capabilities. Lovely post! Thanks for sharing.

    • Multipotentialite

      I love your comment, it’s nice to hear other opinions on positivity and self-acceptance. Thank you very much for taking the time out to read my post! xx

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