Sunday Sanity

For a lot of reasons, Sundays used to be my least favorite day of the week.

Growing up, I envied people who looked so happy on Sundays. They would do family trips and adventures and look like they have no care in the world. My reasons for not enjoying Sundays has changed over the years, but there has always been something causing a great deal of anxiousness when we’re approaching the end of a week.

A lot of people would just put it down to the fact that we must face reality on a Monday, and we don’t like Sundays because we know our break has reached an end. For me, it’s been more than that. I find Sunday afternoons to be extremely depressing, and I can’t help but feel anxious. I cannot enjoy my Sunday afternoons / evenings without overthinking what’s to come. All the preparations for the new week, getting up early the next day, going back to work.. It’s just too much for me sometimes. I have no problems doing what I need to during the week, it’s just on Sundays that I feel extra overwhelmed and emotional. 

I’ve learned to deal with these “Sunday blues” and would do anything to avoid it and stay positive. I’ve also had a bit of writers block these last few days, so I’ve come up with a great idea to make my Sunday evenings more exciting. I’ve decided to do a “Sunday Sanity” series where each Sunday night I will be posting. In these posts I will cover the following:

  • Favorite blogger of the week
  • What I’ve learned this week
  • What has made me happy this week
  • An update of how my week has been and how my blog is doing in general.
  • Favorite poetry/prose of the week
  • Favorite pins of the week

This will occupy my mind on a Sunday evening and give me something to look forward to! I will always have something to write about, so I don’t have to add writers block to my very draining Sunday blues. 

So, let’s get started with my first post for Sunday Sanity!

Favorite blogger of the week

I’ve felt a little overwhelmed this week with all the new followers I have gained through the blogging community on Twitter. It kinda felt like I have all these links to wonderful blogs, but I am struggling to find the time to read each one and give them the attention they deserve. 

I decided to take a little break from follow threads to allow myself some time to explore all the blogs that I am already following. I’ve made progress and have checked out quite a few this weekend. My favorite blogger of the week is by far @familyinstep

This blog is made up of Alice and Emily, a mother/daughter team tackling issues from marriage to difficult families. This is everything but an average blog and I found it extremely helpful and informative. I think a lot of people could benefit from this site, and I would strongly recommend it as a must read for everyone. You can visit their blog at Family In Step , and read informative posts like below:

Four Unexpected Benefits of Living in a Blended Family 

Insecurity & Your Relationship 

Five Ways To Finally Shed The Mom Guilt 

Please go give these posts a read, and support this wonderful blog!

What I’ve learned this week

Boy, have I learnt a lot this week! We’re currently setting up our online shop and presence for Mesemb Seeds Shop. I’m not very clued up with eCommerce, and this whole week has been an extreme learning curve for me.  I learnt how to connect my Shopify site to other sales channels. I educated myself on Instagram and Facebook business tools as well as on how eBay works more or less. It’s taken up most of my free time this week, and I am currently just trying to gain more knowledge on eCommerce and how to break in to the target market. I signed up to join a Webinar on Wednesday night, on how to reach your target market through Facebook and how to generate more traffic to your site. I reckon I’ve got nothing to lose, so I’m hopeful that I’ll pick up some valuable information and advice on this.

What has made me happy this week

A lot has made me happy this week. I spent the week with my partner and I was spoilt rotten! On Sunday night last week (wait for this, another bad thing happening on a Sunday), my laptop decided to give in. It didn’t want to connect to the WiFi at all, and I was totally bummed.

I tried it again on Monday night and it still wouldn’t work. This couldn’t have happened at a worse time for me, as almost everything happening in my life right now kinda needs my laptop’s cooperation. I tried reading up on how to fix the problem, and changed a whole lot of settings as per googles instructions. My laptop was now finally fried, and didn’t even want to do anything else besides for powering on and off.

The next day, I was spoiled with a new laptop! I was so extremely grateful for this, and I got the cutest Lenovo Ideapad. It’s compact and so easy to take with me everywhere I go! I absolutely love it, and it has literally made my week! 

The spoils weren’t over yet, as I got this amazing black and rose-gold bag for it as well, from Typo. Now I can take my new latop with me everywhere in style! It’s got a lot of different pockets and compartments so you can stay organized.

Last but not least, the spoiling proceeded and I got these lovely pearlescent and white All Star Sneakers from Converse! They look fabulous, although they’re hurting my feet a little. I just need to be strong and wear them out a little, suffer for beauty..

We ended off our week with a much needed visit to one of our favorite food markets here in Cape Town, South Africa.

Photo from Southern Vines

Mojo market is a casual food market catering to all tastes and taste buds! I had ribs and sweet potato fries as usual, while my partner had a  lamb schwarma and sweet potato fries. The food was great as always, and this definitely made me happy on this Sunday!

Weekly Blog Update

As mentioned earlier in this post, I seemed to have a bit of writers block this week. I found this blogging business a bit overwhelming this past week and decided to refrain from threads on social media. I wanted to touch base again and just explore one blog at a time, especially the one’s who have been supporting me. We’re not even halfway through the month, and most of my August goals have already been reached! I am so excited about this, and cannot wait to post about this at the end of the month!

In other news, I at least came up with the idea for “Sunday Sanity”, and have started working on another future blog post. I’ve started to explore the blogs on my twitter and I’m making progress with reading each of them carefully!

Favorite poetry/prose of the week

I love Tyler Knott Gregson, and this is my favorite for the week!

Favorite Pins of the week

Here is a collage of my favorite pins this week! This basically resembles my dreams and goals. That puppy is just so adorable!!

Thank you for reading my first post in my Sunday Sanity series! 

Wishing you a great, productive week!


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  • betterthangoodenough123

    What a positive way to deal with your Sunday anxiety! This is a great idea and it was a wonderful collection of different things to read. I hope this routine helps you enjoy your Sundays more.

    • Multipotentialite

      Thanks, I’m sure it will!! Keeps one going xx

  • MyBeing

    Loved it, I will make Sunday what I read here..

  • bournemouthgirl

    I use to feel the same about Sunday’s! I would be so anxious and not be able to enjoy my day properly. Times have changed I now work Sunday mornings and have Monday and Tuesday off. Great post! I hope you manage to be able to enjoy your Sunday’s more xx

    • Multipotentialite

      Thank you, I’m sure it will! That sounds great, would love to work on Sunday morning and be off on Monday and Tuesday, lol. xx

  • theamalog

    I love how your categorize your post in different heading making it easy to read. Also thanks for sharing that quote ❤️

    • Multipotentialite

      Thank you, I like to everything to be organized and categorized in my posts. Thanks for reading! xx

  • Pushpanjali Roy

    Wonderful way to deal Sunday anxiety 🤗 I just hateSunday afternoons and evenings where getting ready for the next week is the only thought in my mind. This post gives hope to me💕


    • Multipotentialite

      Glad to see I’m not alone! If you need some relaxing on a Sunday evening, feel free to come and read my Sunday Sanity weekly post to take your mind off your Sunday blues. Thank you for taking the time out of your day to read my post! xx

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