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Sunday Sanity 7.0

It’s Sunday, but if you’re from South Africa, you’ll agree that it’s actually Saturday. Today is Heritage Day, which means that tomorrow is a public holiday as well. Yay!

No getting up early tomorrow morning, so no Sunday Blues for me tonight. We’ve been quite busy this weekend and have spent the day at a plant show. We’re back home and enjoying a quiet braai and gin. 

Here is Sunday Sanity 7.0 – a break down of my week and what went down!

Favourite Blogger Of The Week

So I must admit, I really didn’t spend time blogging this week, neither did I engage in any social activities with other bloggers. I just took some time out and read a few blogs to stay up to date with the status quo of the blogging community.

My favourite blog of the week is, without a doubt, Lifecentric. Lifecentric posts articles on daily life and the obstacles we face living our best lives. 

I haven’t been following this blog for long and only discovered it this week. The topics of this blog are very relatable and I love the clean, user-friendly layout they use to display their posts.

On this blog, you can expect to read articles about being an Introvert, gaining trust and commitment, procrastination and confidence.

Feel free to go and share some love on these amazing blog posts and follow them on Twitter!

What I’ve Learned This Week

One thing I’ve learned this week is that it’s OKAY to take a break from everything, including life. 

It’s been a tough week for me at work and I’ve been somewhat depressed and anxious. I’ve decided to just make it through each day and let go of any expectations I had from myself with regards to blogging and socializing in general. All I basically did in the evenings this week was to change into my pyjamas as soon as I got home and watch TV until bedtime. I also drank red wine, which helped me to relax. I didn’t engage in social media platforms and I didn’t open my laptop. This gave me a chance to recharge my batteries and regain control of my emotions and mental health in general.

As an overthinker, I always spend my time stressing over things that still need to be done. This week I’ve learnt that it’s okay to  let go of expectations a little and put yourself first. Everything else can wait! I made it through the week and I’m incredibly proud of myself for getting up for work every day and not quitting. That in itself, for me, is an accomplishment!

What Has Made Me Happy This Week?

I couldn’t wait for Friday to spend time with my partner. As mentioned previously, I wasn’t a happy camper this week. Spending time with my partner always helps me to relax and enjoy the present. 

On Friday night we went out for supper to a place called Sir Loin. I had a glass of red wine of course and she had a beer. I decided to try out something new and I ordered what they call a Lady Loin – 400g Beef Fillet topped with bacon, brie and caramelized onions – served with onion rings on the side. I thoroughly enjoyed this meal and would definitely order it again! After that, we just spent some well deserved quality time together and I was so happy to have had her over for a visit at my house! 

Yesterday we got up quite early to pack for our trip to the farm. I went to go pick up the Vans I bought online, with the first money I made from my blog!

Today we spent the day at a plant show, where my father in law was selling some plants from his succulent collection. I will be doing an interview post with him in the near future, to feature him on my blog.

When it comes to happiness, this week has been a little shaky. But my partner taught me that happiness takes work. It’s a decision you have to make – and I have found happiness in some of these small things that happened this week.

Also, I received a beautiful bunch of flowers from my partner! Being the dream-girlfriend she is, I was picked up at work with a bunch of roses waiting for me on the passenger seat. This made me SO happy!

Weekly Blog Update

So if you’re still reading, you’ll know by now that this hasn’t been such a good blogging week for me. I really haven’t been productive and proactive – and that’s okay!

This is my first post for the week and I’m glad to be back. I can’t wait to start creating content again. I did finish some posts for Blogtober though, so this week wasn’t a complete waste.

I also finished a guest post, at last. It’s a book review of The Prophet – Kahlil Gibran and will be published soon! All in all it has been a really chilled week and I’m looking forward to write and engage more in the week to come.

I guess that is the great thing about blogging. You can stop and take a break, but your blog will always be waiting for you when you’re ready to start writing again.

Poetry/Prose of The Week

I’ve decided to use a piece of prose from The Prophet – Kahlil Gibran, as I focused a lot on this book this week for my guest post.

This was his words on Children:

Favourite Pins of The Week

Thank you for reading yet another post from my Sunday Sanity series! I wish you a great productive week, and may your minds be filled with loads of creativity and inspiration.

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