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Sunday Sanity 6.0

Yep, It’s Sunday again. Can we please go back to Friday? I bet that’s everyone’s wish right now. Unfortunately, that’s life. We just have to make the best of it and work with what we have. 

Most of you will know by now that the whole reason behind this blog-series is to add some more positivity to my Sundays. Today’s been a pretty good Sunday. We took a drive to one of our favorite food markets for lunch. I had a Bacon, Caramelized onion, Feta, and Pineapple pizza. My partner had a lamb souvlaki. We then had some ice cream for dessert, where after we took a Sunday drive along the coastline.

I’m now back home and the Sunday night blues are creeping up on me. Not because it was a bad Sunday, but because I know I’ll have to face work tomorrow – which is, by the way, the biggest reason for my unhappiness these days. I just have to keep on reminding myself that the year is almost over and that 2019 will be completely different.

Enough about my Sunday, here is the breakdown of my week!

Favorite Blogger of The Week

I’ve actually been following this blogger for a while now, but only recently discovered all the helpful posts on her blog. My favorite blogger of the week is  Cher Belle.  I was honestly so impressed by her welcoming page post on her blog, I simply had to read more! The fact that she’s a fellow South African blogger definitely made me appreciate her work more, as South African bloggers are few and far between.

The beautiful Nons Mshengu – owner of Cher Belle Blog

Cher Belle is a lifestyle, travel, fashion, and beauty blog. The name is a direct translation from French and it means ‘Dear beautiful’. I admire her work so much! My favorite post of hers so far is The Importance of Self-Care. Do give her blog a read and perhaps a follow, you definitely won’t be disappointed!

What I’ve Learned This Week

So even though I write a lot of content, I’m actually quite new at blogging and don’t quite understand all the technicalities that come with it. I knew you could use HTML codes for certain things, but I never actually quite understood how to do it and where to insert it. 

When I had to do a contributed post this week, I had to paste an HTML code. Luckily I had figured it out! I’ve signed up for Adsense quite some time ago but just left it at that, because I couldn’t figure out where exactly to paste the HTML code. I figured that out too this week, and I’m awaiting feedback from Adsense. Let’s hope my site gets approved so that I can take my blog to the next level!

What’s Made Me Happy This Week

A lot has been happening this week and I think we sometimes fall into the habit of thinking how unhappy we really are in certain aspects of our lives. We focus so much on that, that we forget about how extremely happy we are in other aspects. Happiness is a choice and I’m honest when I say that this past week, happiness has pretty much been just that.

I chose to focus on the good things in my life like my wonderful and amazing partner, our part-time business, and the life I’ve come to live. We’ve had a lot of sales on our online store again and we are so grateful! On Wednesday night we went out for supper at one of our favorite restaurants. Even though I started to diet this week, I had a full rack of ribs with sweet potato fries! That’s my favorite food at the moment. On Friday I decided to spoil myself and spent some of my first money that was generated from my blog on a pair of Vans sneakers and I’m super duper excited to go and pick them up!

I’m the proud new owner of these beauties – with compliments from my blog!

Weekly Blog Update

My blog has been doing so well and I’ve really been working so hard on it. I spend pretty much all of my free time working on my blog and even though it’s still far from where I want it to be, I’m pretty impressed with where I am after only 2 months of blogging!

This week, my DA hit 15. It might not be a lot compared to other blogs, but I’m making progress and I’m super grateful for that. I’ve officially started making money from my blog and I cannot even believe that it’s happening. Only 4 days after monetizing my blog, I was able to spoil myself with a pair of shoes that I’d never been able to afford otherwise.

I’ve created a signature for my blog and changed my homepage logo. Even though I gave my blog a makeover about a month ago, I still have some changes I want to make. I will be buying a new theme soon and re-doing my blog! 

Some of the posts I’ve published this week include:

I’ve also installed Grammarly on my laptop today, so I’m hopeful it will be the death of my spelling and grammar errors going forward! I’ve actually started going through my posts one by one to check the spelling and grammar because Grammarly makes it so easy!

Poetry/Prose of the week

I’ve chosen to feature a poem from one of my favorite poetry books, wild embers – Nikita Gill.

Fire – Nikita Gill

Favorite Pins of The Week

So this week I’ve been getting a lot of wedding stuff on my feed. Although I’m not close to getting married again, I’m definitely loving some of these pins and ideas!

Thank you for reading Sunday Sanity 6.0. May you all have a wonderful, productive and positive week ahead!

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  • cherbelle

    Thank you so much for the mention on your incredible blog. 💛 You has such a perfect Sunday, I’m so jealous. & I’m so proud of all the progress you’re making, you’re so inspiring and keep working hard. I’m rooting for you ! 🌸✨

    • Multipotentialite

      Thank you so much for your kind words, your well deserving of being mentioned on other blogs!! Xx

  • thenerdysideofaqueen

    I love this! Thank you for sharing this. ❤

    • Multipotentialite

      Thank you for reading! xx

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