Sunday Sanity 3.0

It’s that time of the week again where we have to start making peace with the fact that the end of our weekend is fast approaching, and that we have to start preparing for the new week. Sunday is here people.. we’re all looking for a little lift-me-up!

I am looking forward to next week though, as it’s a beginning of a brand new month. There’s something magical about the beginning of a new month.. it’s a new chance to set new goals. I see it as a fresh start where you can go back to basics and work on your previous months’ goals if you haven’t achieved them. It’s a chance to revise your tactics and create new ones. It’s a new opportunity to grow and learn.

What are your blogging goals for September? Let me know in the comments!

So, with that said, here is the last Sunday Sanity for this month. 

Sunday Sanity Favorite Blogger Of The Week

I have discovered quite a few new blogs this week, as I tried to make time to actually sit down and go through a few blogs that I started following in threads this week.

One particular blog peaked my interest and ever since I’ve visited, I was hooked! This blogger goes by the name of  Courtney – you can find her on Twitter as @Sensitivenimbus.

Courtney is into art and poetry. She writes the most poignant poetry and I just love her work. Her poetry is real and authentic, with enough exposure I reckon she could be famous one day. She’s started selling her watercolor art with her poetry written on it. If I wasn’t poor myself, I would definitely buy one as her poetry deserves to be up on a wall and seen by many.

You can find her blog by visiting Sansabripoetry.com

Sans Abri Poetry is a safe space where photography and poetry combine. Established in 2018, Sans Abri Poetry is a “journal-to-internet” blog about mental health, relationships, and college life. All poems shared were born in a little cork journal, starting on 4.2.18, and continue to this day.  Here you’ll also find original (abstract) photographs. The self-published book Sans Abri will be released in Fall 2018.


One of my favorite posts of hers is ‘i will not submit myself to the application of male consumption and mental manipulation’.

Please do yourself a favor and go read her blog, you won’t be disappointed if you’re a lover of art and poetry! 

What I’ve Learned This Week

This was quite a tough week for me. Being tired and grumpy most of the time, I made a point of staying productive as I’ve had to prepare for an audit at work.

I haven’t learned any big things this week, but heard something that was quite mind blowing:

Apparently, your first thought is what you’ve been taught/conditioned to think. Your second thought is what you’ve come to learn as the truth – your true thoughts. 

I found this quite interesting and true. For example.. You see someone walking down the street with a very daring outfit. Your first thought would be: “Omg, look at that outfit – must be a prostitute”. This is what you’ve been taught/conditioned to think by society and your upbringing. However, your second thought might be: “Oh well, I guess if she’s comfortable with wearing that outfit it’s cool, she probably really likes it”. This means that somewhere in your life you’ve come to the realisation that each person has their own taste and personality. I just thought it was interesting how your first reaction is most probably not a true reflection of your own opinion. 

By knowing this, we are equipped to interpret our own reactions and grow personally by getting to know ourselves better, by distinguishing between what we really feel and what we’ve been taught to feel.

What Has Made Me Happy This Week?

As I mentioned earlier in this post, it has been quite the hectic week. We have been extremely busy. I did someones nails for her prom on Monday, and it looked gorgeous – even if I must say so myself! She wanted burgundy  and glitter acrylic nails. 

On Tuesday we went to go watch The Meg in cinemas. We sat in the ‘love seat’ (which I’ve never sat in before) and I really enjoyed the movie. Also, if you throw in some Astros and Popcorn, I’m happy!!

This weekend has been quite busy as well but I’m very excited as I finally got a desk! It still needs to be assembled and I will do a post about “What’s on my desk” in the near future. Up until now I’ve pretty muched typed my blog posts while sitting on the couch, so I’m pretty amped about having a desk!

Weekly Blog Update

This has been a VERY good blogging week for me. I’ve reached 1k followers on Twitter and 10k views on my blog in the last 30days. I will be writing more about this in my future post: “August, I Love You”. 

On Wednesday I posted “How I Get Things Done”.

How I run two seperate accounts for Twitter, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest  – paired with a blog, online store, 9-5, girlfriend and daughter.

On Thursday I had another great idea for a post, and wrote “How to make your relationship last”.

The question most asked on Google, answered in once post!

I’ve also read up a bit on Blogtober and Blogmas a little, and decided that I’ll be doing both this year! I’ve gotten so far as to schedule a post for each day of October and December. Although I have no idea of where I’ll get the time to write this, I’ll accept the challenge. I’m extremely excited to start writing these posts!

Poetry/Prose Of The Week

As mentioned earlier, my favorite blogger of the week (Courtney – sans abri poetry) happens to be a poet as well. Here is my favorite poem of hers:

| 8. 24. 18 |

i will not

submit myself to

the application of

male consumption and

mental manipulation.

i have walked

with the bulls, 

falling to their

feet, for far

too long. now

i control my

own reins and

theirs. and they

will no longer

manipulate me until

i melt into

their hands like


uncomfortable and uneasy, 

on these newfound

sans, he asks

abut my race,

sex, and touches

my face as

if he can

just do that…

which he can’t.

he traces the

scar on my

face as if

he’s fingering my

soul, but i

don’t know where

his fingers have

been. at the

end of the day,

i create a

moat, guarding my

heart and dignity,

as my phone

lights up. he’s

calling–four times.

“sorry i can’t talk right now.”

my mom says

she can’t undo

the damage done, 

but she was

there when the

damage was done.

yesterday, i felt

the weight of

the world’s boulder

on my chest just

because i’d released

my frustrations to

the wind, and

wondered if they’d

travelled to their

rightful owner. 

i find more

joy in coloring

books and their

bold lines, rather

than touchy boys

who waste my time.

i will not

submit myself to

the application of

male consumption and

mental manipulation.

Favorite Pins Of The Week

From my Pinterest board: Magical Porches
From my Jewelry Pinterest board
 Shoes I Love 

I hope you enjoyed reading about my week! May you have a lovely Sunday and a productive week ahead. Be sure to check back in next Sunday for Sunday Sanity

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