Sunday Sanity

It’s officialy my second Sunday Sanity post! If you’ve read my first one, you’ll know that I’m not a very big fan of Sundays. Today though, has been a very good Sunday so far. I’ve been quite busy, so had to make time to fit in this post. Hope you enjoy!

Favorite Blogger Of The Week:

I’ve been really busy this week and haven’t had much time to explore new blogs. I have enjoyed reading one particular blog this week though! @joansenio1 has really helped me a lot this week by writing and sharing great content. She’s and extremely supportive member of the blogging community and just shines of positivity! 

Her blog is called My Best Friend Adeline , and writes about things like below:

Am I Happy? Why I Don’t Know The Answer

Why Do We Worry? How Can We Stop?

For Parents and Grandparents: It’s Cool To Be Kind!

You should really go and check out her blog, especially if you’re in need of some motivation and positivity in your life! I always look forward to read her new content.

What I’ve learned this week

This week I have started to learn the basics of eBay. I still find this platform to be very ‘busy’, and don’t find it user-friendly at all. But I’ve promised myself to push through and figure it out. It’s getting there slowly but surely, but I still have to spend some more time on there to try and figure out the basics!

I’ve learned that all good things come to those who work hard and have patience. Our online store is doing extremely well, and since we’ve received our first order on Wednesday, it has just skyrocketed from there! I’ve really been working so hard trying to promote our shop and keep up with my blog and dayjob at the same time, and it’s really paid off. 

What Has Made Me Happy This Week

Alot has made me happy this week! My life finally feels like it’s going in the direction I want, and the future is starting to look a little brighter.

As I’ve mentioned earlier, we received our first order on our online shop, Mesemb Seeds Shop. I didn’t expect it to pick up that quickly, but since Wednesday I’ve made more money than my monthly salary at my day job. This makes me extremely happy, as it means I’m getting closer to my goal of being self-employed one day! I want to use my share to save up for a car and to further my education. I’m interested in going to study Social Media Marketing, and then hopefully freelance for companies going forward while running our online store and blogging full time.

We’ve come to visit the farm again this weekend, and it’s been a great weekend as always! Situated in Barrydale, South Africa, it’s the perfect place to find peace and quiet. We spent the weekend playing boardgames and spending some family-time. We’ll be leaving soon and then I will be without signal for a while, hence the early publishing of ‘Sunday Sanity’.

Weekly Blogging Update

It’s been a great week for blogging as well! I don’t want to say too much, as I will be posting about my blogging successes at the end of the month.

After posting on Sunday, my weekly plan was to only post again on Wednesday and then again this Sunday. On Wednesday I posted 

How To Create A Blissful Bedroom

How to create a blissful bedroom

I was only supposed to post again today, but on Thursday night I broke my schedule to publish another one. 

If Only We Were Color Blind

Feel free to go and give it a read!

Favorite Poetry/Prose Of the Week

My favorite prose of the week is from @findgoodvibes . Please go check out her blog, you’ll be amazed by her writing talent! You can find her blog at Find Good Vibes.


All those wasted nights,  pointless conversations, morning pep talks to myself that fell through midday because of you, please burn so hard and long that not even the ashes are remotely recognizable.

Running away from your past is thought of frequently, practiced in times of great stress, and extremely rarely proves an effective way of dealing with your problems. So, I decided to burn mine instead. They have been diminished to  nothing. The remnants are merely what is left of who I was when I was a naive girl who believed pretty words from mean tongues. I will never be able to collect and piece together every misstep I took trying to make myself someone I wasn’t meant to be. Burn.

I never thought I could. These metal chains seemed too heavy and stiff for me to have the courage to even try to melt them to the ground. You never changed, many people don’t, but I always knew I never followed the status quo you call pride. I am quick and forgetful. The strongest person I know and the most fragile. I am fire and I am the calm during your worst storm.

I am a walking contradiction that is the most beautiful masterpiece you’ve ever met. But, every art piece has its critics, and you were always my biggest one. I hope every time you see me, you dislike something new, because that only means I’m growing at a rate you can’t possibly catch up to. I can burn your expectations to the ground but you can never diminish my everlasting glow. – Find Good Vibes

Favorite Pins Of The Week

I just thought this baby was the cutest! And I absolutely love this cradle.
I’m in love with this ring and hairstyle!
No caption needed..

Thank you for reading this post, I hope you enjoyed! Which pin was your favorite? Let me know in the comments!

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    This is a great idea! Sunday is a hard day for me too. Thanks for bringing a little joy into the day!

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