Simple Rules For Creating Your Signature Look

Guest post by Brigitte Evans

Everyone wants to have a unique style and a closet that reflects their personality. However, most of us end up just wearing the trends, changing them as fast fashion comes and goes. But if you want a truly unique wardrobe for yourself, then you’ll need to put in some thought and action into putting it together, and here are some tips to help you get there:

You can be diverse

We all have multiple sides to us, and we need to dress for a wide range of occasions. You don’t have to have the same style when you’re going to a 7 a.m. college class or when you are attending your after-school job or when you are going out at night. You’re allowed to be a chameleon; it’s just a matter of having something that ties all of those looks together. Whether that’s your color palette, the general fit of the clothing or only wearing exclusively a single brand, find something that defines you and wiggle within that space.

Have staples

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Every wardrobe should be built from the ground up, and the ground here are your staples. If all of them are the same style, you’ll have a much easier time creating your look and looking like yourself every day. Your staples can be your jeans, skirts, blouses or even your statement jewellery. This will allow you to step out of your standard “uniform” when you want, but you’ll have a much easier time putting together outfits every day.

Get unique clothes

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The easiest way to get a recognizable and unique style is to have a range of clothing that nobody else has. There are two ways you can do this. Firstly, you can make or customize your own clothing. Shopping at thrift stores and repurposing the clothes or further embellishing them will make them unique and allow them to stand out. On the other hand, you can buy personalized clothing and truly create your own style. It’s just like fashion designers do; only you are creating clothes that are exclusively for you. You can have your clothing embossed with a special logo or you can befriend a tailor and have them make all of your clothing from scratch. Being realistic, you can’t have an entire wardrobe of custom pieces, but they can still be something that makes up the core of your closet.

Find your colors

The first thing that defines a piece of clothing is the fabric: more precisely, the colour and print of it. Sure, you can say that you are a colourful person and that you like all colours, but that isn’t really a sophisticated style. Try and match your clothing colours to your features: blue clothes will go perfectly with blue eyes, and deep green looks divine on redheads. You don’t have to stick to just one colour, but try to localize it to one-quarter of the colour wheel.

Describe your look in three words

No more and no less. If you can describe your signature look in less than three words, like “business-casual” or “shabby chic”, it’s too broad and you will probably blend in with a lot of other people. In contrast to that, if you need more than three words to describe it you either don’t have a clear vision of what your style is or it’s so niched that you’ll have a hard time finding variety in your outfits.

Take your time

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Developing a style doesn’t happen overnight. It comes along slowly, and you will keep building it up and shaping it throughout your life. All of these steps are here to help you get started, but make sure you’re also looking for inspiration in magazines and online. If you see a look on someone else, try to dissect why you like it, and imagine it on yourself. Remember that there is a difference between liking something on someone else and seeing it on yourself. Your style will develop over time and you can adapt it to different situations. Remember that you don’t have to stay 100% true to your style if it’s preventing you from getting a job or posing a threat to a similar opportunity. Once again, it’s perfectly fine to be a chameleon and dress differently for different situations.

Remember that everything you see around you are just suggestions and you are completely free to write and re-write your own fashion rules. Having your go-to style will help you feel more confident, be prepared for any occasion and look your best no matter what your circumstances are.

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  • Teri

    I haven’t thought of style in this way. It’s interesting to think about a color scheme to stick to. I know my clothing is unique because I usually don’t see other’s dressing like I do. Thanks for this post. I’ll keep these tips in mind as I develope a more detailed personal style.

  • Telia Teanna

    This is an interesting way to look at fashion. I’m not very stylish so will help me a lot because one of my goals this year is to care about my appearance more.

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