Romantic Gift Ideas For The Broke

The best things in life are for free..

or so they say!



Life is hard enough as it is. Worrying about how to spoil your S.O when times are tough, is certainly the last thing you need.

This is when you start browsing the internet for DIY gift ideas to spoil your partner with, and end up spending hours trying to find the perfect gift. For the less creative, finding a DIY idea that doesn’t require buying raw materials can become rather time consuming.

Therefore, I have taken it upon me to search high and low for the most romantic DIY gift ideas, easy enough for anyone to make.

Below is a list of 7 DIY gift ideas that will make your S.Os heart skip a beat, and it won’t cost you a fortune!

Let’s get started..

1 . Everybody loves donuts


Why not surprise your loved one with a box of donuts, decorate itย with a corny message? This is a useful idea when you’re on the go and limited due to time constraints.

If not donuts, maybe one of the below will do the trick:

– A box of his/her favourite chocolate.

The message: I like you choco-lot!

– His/her favourite pizza in a box

The message: You got a pizza my heart


2 . A photo in a customized frame

Trust me, this one works like a bomb! There’s something romantic about photographs, and there’s something even more romantic about it when it’s accompanied by a love letter. This gift is definitely a 2-in-1 and will score you serious brownie points!


If you don’t have the means to buy a frame, you are sure to find an old frame somewhere in your house. If it’s a little bit worn down it will add character to your gift. This is definitely a win-win situation!

3 . 52 Things I love about you


This one is a little more time consuming but oh-so-special to receive.

It is advised that you sit somewhere quiet and really focus on all the reasons why you love your partner. Have a pen and paper ready to jot them down as you go.

You can either cut it out and paste it to each card, or have it printed if you’re not particularly proud of your handwriting.

Again, we’re trying to be frugal here. So feel free to use a pre-loved deck of cards, as long as they’re clean and in a fairly good condition.

If you don’t have the tools to bind the cards, secure it with a piece of string and you’re all set!

4 . “Open when..” letters


This is one of my favourite DIY ideas. Not only does it serve as an all-in-one for different scenarios, it shows your S.O that you have put time and thought into putting this together.

The idea of this gift is to comfort your partner in different circumstances, even in your absence. For instance, an “Open when you’re bored” letter will contain a little note with a few riddles on it. The envelope can also include a comic strip and a Sudoku puzzle.

For more ideas on different “Open when..” letters and their contents, check out to . I found her post quite helpful.

5 . You turn me on!

This is probably the sweetest DIY gift ever. You can write on the notes whatever you want, and everybody has light bulbs in their houses.

I would suggest writing corny pick up lines on these little notes to keep the chemistry going.



6 . The old fashioned mix tape

Music speaks to the soul. This is a classic gift idea passed on from generation to generation. It might be a struggle to find tapes these days, but using a CD or a USB stick will work just as well.

You can use your imagination with this gift. Either use your partners favourite music, or make a compilation of different songs. Eg. Your first date, a soundtrack of the first movie you watched together, etc.


7 . Love tokens

Make tokens for different things your partner likes.

  • Foot rub
  • Date night
  • Back Massage
  • Game night

This is a great form of an IOU gift when funds are low. Your S.O may then use the tokens whenever a little extra TLC is needed from you.

I hope by reading this you have been inspired get creative and add a little DIY when spoiling your partner. Incorporating DIY with gifting will show that you have put thought and effort into making him/her feel extra special!


I hope you gained some inspiration from this post! Feel free to comment any other romantic gift ideas for the broke.

– Multipotentialite

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