Outboard Motors – A Guide To Understanding and Buying Them

Does your dad or husband like boating? Maybe they have a boat, and you’re looking to buy them something for their birthday! Outboard Motors are a great gift for boat lovers! Now, I know most of my readers would have NO clue, whatsoever, what outboard motors are. Don’t feel alone, I also had no idea. I only recently learned about outboard motors, what they do, and why boat lovers love them! A lot of boat lovers also enjoy Fishing as a pastime, which is all the more reason to gift them something they would enjoy using.

Outboard motors are a necessary component for boating. If you are looking to buy an outboard motor to power your boat, there are a few things to take into consideration. There was a time when buying an outboard motor was relatively straightforward. Today, you have both two and four-stroke options. There are many additional features that might, or might not, be suitable for your needs.

Outboard Motors: Two-Stroke Vs. 4-Stroke

This is the first dilemma. Should you opt for a two-stroke motor, which uses a special lubricant mixed with petrol? Or should you go for the reliability of the four-stroke engine? If you’re looking for mercury outboard motors for sale, there are online suppliers with an extensive range of both new and used motors. These come in both two and four-stroke formats. Two-stroke outboards used to be able to deliver more power, but with direct fuel injection, the four-stroke motors are indeed very powerful, and you will have a slightly better fuel economy with a four-stroke engine. A few years ago, the two-stroke engine would be more popular, yet technical advances have gone the other way, and unless you are going to be racing, the four-stroke motor is a better allround choice.

Horsepower Sustainability

The worst thing you can do is “underpower” a boat, which will make it difficult to make quick getaways from stormy weather or get out of that shipping lane before an oil tanker runs you down. The size and weight of your vessel will determine the amount of power you need. This is one piece of advice that the motor dealer would give any potential buyer. The boat manufacturer would have a top power rating for the vessel, and this is a reliable benchmark, and going for the upper limit is something you won’t regret. There is an informative blog on what to look for when buying an outboard motor. This might be of interest if you are planning a purchase soon.

Fishing Boat with outboard motor

Photo by lecreusois from Pexels

New or Used Outboard Motors?

Most boat owners are looking for a long-term solution and therefore prefer a brand new outboard. These come with a comprehensive warranty if you are new to the boating scene. However, a second-hand outboard will certainly save you some money. The outboard motor dealer would have a range of new and used engines, and if they sell you a second-hand outboard, they would likely give you some form of warranty

Regular Maintenance

Like any internal combustion engine, your outboard motor should be serviced on a regular basis, which is something the motor dealership would be able to provide. When you buy a new outboard motor, read the owner’s manual, which will give you details about tasks that should be completed every time the motor is used. Regular servicing will ensure that the engine gives you many years of trouble-free use, and as time goes by, certain parts will need to be replaced.

Boats on a dock. Outboard Motors
Image by Mike Goad from Pixabay

The best place to start your quest for a new outboard motor is a Google search. Once you have located a nearby dealership, take a drive and see what they have to offer.

Do you or someone in your family love boating? If so, let me know whether you liked this post or not! Although this is not necessarily everyone’s cup of tea, boating sure is a fun hobby to have! When I was small, I used to go on boating adventures with my dad. Those were definitely one of my favourite childhood memories! Maybe now is a good time to start boating, you never know if you’ll enjoy it! What’s holding you back?

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