New Look!

Now that I have finally settled into the blogging world and got the hang of it, I decided it was time to add some branding to my blog. This is just a short read on what I’ve changed and why. Welcome to the new and improved Thoughts Of A Multipotentialite!

New Theme

Upon starting my blog after I went self-hosted, I used the “Infinity Blog” theme from WordPress. I really liked this theme at the time, but as a multipotentialite, I tend to change my mind quite a lot. Apart from the fact that I just stopped liking the look and feel of this theme, there were a few other things on this theme that bothered me.

First of all, the theme was not responsive to different devices. It only looked good on desktop, but when logging in from a mobile or a tablet it seemed to cut off the sides. I tried everything in my power to fix this. I installed multiple plugins from WordPress to make my blog responsive, even the one where you can design an application for it. The idea of it seemed cool, but it only worked a few times and then it just stopped working. I couldn’t edit the responsiveness of this theme to adjust to different devices.

Then there was the fact that I couldn’t change the color scheme to my liking. I liked the black and grey, but the buttons were red (my least favorite color).

I have now changed the theme to “bloggily” from WordPress and I absolutely love it! I have decided to incorporate a little more of my personality in the theme by using some of my favorite colors. 

My brand colors represent a few of my favorite colors: Charcoal, Dark Grey and Blush Pink.

New Cover

I decided to keep my cover clean, and tidy. I used my brand colors to create this, using Canva. I just love Canva, as it’s got great features for every purpose. It’s extremely user-friendly and I would recommend it to everyone. From social media posts to invitations and banners, Canva’s got you covered! It’s free to use, although there are features that you need to pay for, which I haven’t had the need for yet, as there is a huge variety of free features!

My new cover banner – Created through Canva

New Logo

I loved my old logo, but it wasn’t very original at all. It was a free stock image from the internet which I found while searching for pictures of typewriters. I just love typewriters and I didn’t want to leave it out completely, so I incorporated it into my new logo as well. I feel that my new logo fits perfectly with my blogs new look.

My new logo created using my brand colors and the old logo image. 

I hope you like the new look as much as I do! Feel free to leave a comment and let me know what you think, I would love your feedback!

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