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How to Reduce Stress In Your Life In The New Year

Its that time of the year again. We get to say goodbye to all of our bad experiences and failures of the past year and set new goals. Whether or not you are ready for it, 2019 is approaching fast and it’s time to set some new years resolutions!

Now, I’ve learned in the past that setting too many new years resolutions might result in you feeling like a failure. We start off strong in January, feeling like a new person. Unfortunately, this feeling only lasts for a while and, sooner than we’d like, we’re back to our old selves. It’s good to set goals in order for us to keep growing in all aspects of our lives. Whether it be intellectually, emotionally, financially or socially. I’ve got quite a few plans for 2019 myself, but in order to reach those goals, I need to acknowledge my mental health first.

Mental- and Emotional Health is one of the most vital aspects of our lives. Even though finances and circumstances can get in the way of our happiness and performance, it’s our emotional and mental status that carries us through. That is what gives us the perseverance to push through and keep on going. Unfortunately, when we’re constantly stressing and filled with anxiety, it’s even more difficult for us to stay motivated and work towards our goals. It’s so easy to throw in the towel when our mental health is not looked after! 

If you would like to make 2019 your best year yet, you might need to review some of your current habits and make a change. You need to remember that you are only going to see a change in your attitude after a couple of weeks, so the sooner you get started the better chance for success you will have. Below you will find a list of areas you have to pay attention to in the future.

Shopping Habits

The first thing you need to look at is your shopping habits. Are you spending too much because you are engaged in impulse buying? If this is the case, you will need to create a plan to save on your everyday shopping and limit your spending. Overspending is a huge source of stress, and you can easily avoid it. Take advantage of online apps and cashback sites and read the latest reviews at to find out whether you can live better for less.

I’ve found that having a little ‘finances book’ helps a lot. Upon receiving my salary every month, I write down my total income and all my expenses. I put money aside for my expenses in envelopes so that I don’t use the money for anything else. I divide my spending money into the amount of weeks for that month and stick to my budget per week. Sometimes, I must admit, I fall off the wagon a bit and that’s okay! What’s important is that you try to have some kind of financial structure to give you peace of mind.

Eating to beat stress

Your diet can also cause stress in your life. You might not have time to cook or make a sandwich and stick with quick meals and pot noodles for most days. This will not do any good for your health, and can also increase your stress level. Make a healthy salad at night in just a few minutes and take it to work, so you don’t feel guilty all the time about what you eat. Avocados and nuts will help you reduce stress and improve your digestion and hormonal balance.

It’s important to refrain from following useless diets that don’t work.  This will only add to your stress levels and make you feel like you’ve failed once again. I started using Fitbit this year, and it’s really helpful. It’s also a great motivation to help you eat clean and get some exercise.

Dealing with workplace conflict

Most people find the workplace stressful. With constant changes in policies and procedures, you might feel like giving up every day. While you can’t change what is going on around you, it is possible to change your reaction to the events. Develop healthy coping mechanisms for stress, so you can manage conflicts and difficult situations better.

I can totally relate to this. In 2018, I’ve had to learn to manage very toxic work relationships as well as adapting to ever-changing policies and procedures. When I get caught up in workplace stress, I step outside and think of how this will have an impact on my life in 10 years. Most of the time the answer is the same – that this will have absolutely no impact on my life in 10 years and that it’s just not worth upsetting myself over pettiness and toxic work environments.

Having a yearly plan

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You might already feel like you need to change, but don’t know where to start. It is important that you spend a couple of hours before the new year to sit down and list all your personal, financial, and professional goals. Mind mapping is a powerful way of discovering what you really want and how you can achieve it.

I love taking time out for a few hours in December, to just sit by myself and reflect on the past year. I like to write down a few things to help me set some new goals and acknowledge my achievements so far. Here are a few things you can write down  to help you set goals for the new year:

  • Things to be thankful for in 2018
  • What have I learnt this year?
  • Positive changes that have been brought about in 2018
  • Goals I’ve achieved this year
  • What do I still need to do to be a happier person?
  • List some bad experiences and write down how you about them now?

Taking Care of Your Priorities

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Apart from having a list of goals, you will also have to learn to prioritise your tasks and focus on the things that will make the most difference in your life. Your priorities will help you get things done, even if they are complicated and difficult. Whether you would like to focus on sorting out your personal life or improve your career, you need to prioritise related tasks.

There are several ways you can improve your life in the new year, but everything starts with a plan. List your goals and identify your priorities so you can have a clear focus. What are some of your goals for 2019? Let me know in the comments!

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  • HannahAlex Moody

    I’ve been thinking about ways I can have a less stressful year, next year! The shopping and eating habbits are certainly two tips I will implement!
    Hannah Alex Moody

  • L E L L O W

    Definitely needed to read this before heading into the new year. Some of these are definitely going to be added to my goal list for 2019.
    Thanks for the great read!
    xo BC

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