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So as most of my followers know, I’ve got quite the busy lifestyle. I like a full plate, which usually result in anxiousness. I love doing everything perfect, but some times it’s just not possible. 

I run two separate accounts for Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook. I have 3 email addresses (Personal, Blog and eCommerce), a blog, an online store, a 9-5, a daughter and a girlfriend. 

I’ve been asked quite a few times how I manage to do this, and the truth is, I don’t really know! So it got me thinking about things I do to keep my life together and I’ve decided to share it with you today. 

Don’t let your online activity distract you from your day job

When I first started my blog, I noticed a huge difference in my attention span at work. I kept checking my phone for notifications and I didn’t want to miss any threads. Off course you can’t just leave your link on a Twitter thread, you actually have to engage.. Engaging in one blog comment thread takes you at least 30 minutes, which is a lot when you actually have a job to do. I wanted to work on my blog all the time, and my head was filled with new ideas for blog posts all the time. 

Then we opened our online store, which has kept us extremely busy. Every time I get a notification, I end up looking at my phone and before I know it, a whole hour has passed again! If I don’t get notifications, I’m constantly checking my statistics for my blog and online store.

This became extremely tiring as I just cannot keep up with my work during the day. I’ve decided to put my phone off at times and leave it in my handbag, to avoid becoming distracted. I set out times for being on my phone, etc. I would focus on just work for at least 3 hours and spend 30 minutes on either a thread for the blog or catching up on eCommerce marketing.

I highly suggest setting boundaries for yourself at work. There is obviously a reason why you still have a job, because it pays the bills. Your blog and eCommerce need to grow, but schedule your work day to include time for both work and blog. If you set out times for your blog / social media during the work day, you will be able to concentrate better as you know you’ll be rewarded with checking your phone!

Weekly Planning

I know this is such old advice, but you need to know HOW to plan your week. Besides for scheduling my work days, I schedule my evenings as well. It looks a little bit like below:

If you like this weekly planner, feel free to check out my Pinterest HERE for the free printable!

Respond to all queries before you go to bed

Some nights I’m exhausted, and the last thing I want to do when I get into bed is respond to notifications and emails.

Don’t ignore an email for longer than a day! Every night before going to bed, I make sure that all my emails have been read and responded to. I double check all my social media to view and clear notifications, and make sure all our orders from our online store are printed and up to date.

This helps me a lot, as I always feel in control and it never becomes too much to respond to all at once.

Have a set bed time

Since my life has become so busy, sleep is not something I get a lot of. I do however try and keep to a minimum of 4 hours sleep. When my daughter is with me, I only get to start working on my blog and store when she goes to bed, which means I only get to bed at about 01h00 in the morning most nights. I try my best not to go to bed later than that, and it has really helped me a lot. When I’m at my girlfriends’ house, my bed time is 24h00 for the latest.

Having a set bed time will help you structure your evenings so you can set achievable goals and for the week.

Get your fix of stimulants every day!

When you have such busy days ahead of you, self care is crucial. In my case, I believe in stimulants for the senses.

In the mornings, there are two things that give me a burst of energy and get me ready for the day ahead.. Coffee and Perfume!

I love the smell of freshly brewed coffee, and that first sip in the morning is heaven! I’ve started making ground coffee at home, and I absolutely love it. I prefer it to instant coffee, and it definitely gives me that boost I need. I can’t start my day without a cup of coffee, so I don’t mind spending a little extra if it can add happiness to my mornings.

Perfume! There is nothing that gets me more awake and ready for the day than the lingering smell of my perfume! Even on morning when I feel I’m struggling to stay awake, once I spray on some perfume, I’m instantly ready to boss the day. My ultimate favorite perfume is Black Opium – Yves Saint Laurent.


My main point of advice is however to stop stressing and overthinking, and just take it as it comes. I’m a chronic over thinker, and very OCD when it comes to planning and scheduling. 

I have, however, learned that you can only plan your days to a certain extent and that the best solution is to just take it as it comes. If you didn’t get something done today, there’s always tomorrow. If today was your blog night and you ended up doing something else, there’s always tomorrow! 

I manage all my social media accounts, blog, online store, wedding favor business, day job, daughter and girlfriend to the best of my ability and even though some days it’s a little overwhelming, I like a challenge, and enjoy the opportunities that life has given me.

How do you plan your days? Let me know in the comments!

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  • sophhearts

    Black Opium is one of my favourite perfumes! I thought I was a busy person but you kinda put me to shame haha, its great that you successfully manage it all and I definitely need to start weekly planning!

    Soph – https://sophhearts.com x

  • Sam Space

    Get fit girl! Love your content!

  • Sam Space

    Organization is a huge key and it looks like you have that!

  • Batmom85

    I feel like you wrote this post for me perosnally. I truly understand the importance of not letting your social media affect your day job. I experienced that in May and it crushed me. I’m a bit of a perfectionist and that showed that I can’t do that. My day job is the most important. I just love this post so informative and literally made feel so much better about blogging and working. Thank you for this post. So wonderful.

  • sarahburntitagain

    Great advice! I have been struggling to find a healthy balance between work and doing things I love so I’ll definitely take a look at the week planner! Thanks <3

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