Confessions Of A Closet Poet


Seeing that this is my first literature post, I have decided to leave the research for my next one. Instead I decided to get real about closet poetry.

We have so many aspiring poets amongst us, pouring their hearts out on paper. What a pity that no one will ever have the honor of reading their wonderful work. With modern poetry  and prose taking social media by storm, there are  a huge population of closet poets with great talent who’s work will never be published on paper. On the other side of the spectrum, there are poets who are extremely talented but find the idea of people reading their work somewhat nerve wrecking. And rightfully so..

Being judged on their poetry is one of the most horrifying things for some people. By showing others your work, you are exposing yourself in the biggest way possible. You are naked and vulnerable. What a shame that we have to live like this, hiding our talent. I would like to give closet poets the opportunity to publish some of their work on my page. Merely because I believe that once you overcome that fear, you will start viewing your work from a different perspective. By doing this, if I can inspire people take that first leap of faith by making them more aware of their talent, my page would be a successful one .

I also believe in practicing what I preach and, therefore, have decided to share one of my own poems so that I too can overcome the fear of judgement. In the end, your poetry will always be yours. They are your words, written by you in circumstances only you will ever be able to fully relate to. I support modern poetry 100% and I do believe that closet poets are being overshadowed by big guns like Atticus and Tyler Knott Gregson who gained their fame on social media. I am a huge fan of theirs and hope that by sharing my work, others will realize that their work should not be hidden in little notebooks because they’re afraid of judgement.

Feel free to PM me your poetry if you would like me to publish it on my page. Every week I will select a new closet poem to publish.

Here goes mine..



a storm is now created

and it need not be calmed

for comfort is found in inanity


it is found in the beautiful lightening

of the unrevealed intent


but calming to the soul




but calming to the soul

 – Multipotentialite

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  • aparna_097

    Poetry is not my strong point. I have to shed my inhibitions and publish some of my posts. I guess I have to take the step right now.

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