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Blogs I’ve Come To Love This Month

Blogs that have inspired me this month

It’s kind of difficult to always keep track of all the blogs you follow. With so many follow -, subscription- and blog comment threads it’s easy to lose sight of which blogs you are inspired by and which ones are not top of your list.

Every now and again I like to take a step back and go through a few blogs that I’ve discovered via threads. I love finding new content to read!

Once in a while, you stumble upon a blog that changes the way you think. You read the content and realize that there are so many different ways of looking at something. Each one of us experiences things in different ways and reading another take on something opens your world up to new possibilities.

I’ve grown to love these blogs and I constantly visit them to see if there has been anΒ update. They inspire me, motivate me and comfort me. These writers are extremely supportive and incredibly sweet members of the blogging community.

Their content has helped me in different ways and I would love for other people to experience their greatness as well. Here are the two blogs that have inspired me the most this month.

NonsΒ Mshengu – Cherbelle Blog

Cherbelle Blog
This blogger justΒ  has such a lovely, positive vibe!

Cherbelle has been one of my favorites since I’ve discovered her blog about 3 weeks ago. South African bloggers are few and far between in the blogging community on Twitter and I was so excited to have found a fellow South African blogger!

I love reading about her outings to places I can relate to. Her blog is beautiful and user-friendly. I thoroughly enjoy reading her posts as I find her writing style very endearing.Β 

I can assume – from reading her blog – that she is an easy going person who is comfortable with who she is. She’s been so supportive and sweet since we’ve become connected. I would love for you to check out this post of hers, which I really enjoyed reading. It’s about Winter Essentials, and I love the pictures she’s used as well!

Winter Essentials
Winter Essentials

Please connect with her on her social links as well. She will support you and brighten your day with her friendliness.

Joan Senio – My Best Friend Adeline

My Best Friend Adeline
My Best Friend Adeline – Kindness, Compassion and Coaching

This blog has helped me through many a hard day at work and life in general! I’m in awe of her ability to come up with such excellent content on a daily basis. Her content is well researched and written, relatable to the average Joe and oh so helpful!

Reading this blog always inspires me and brightens my mood – especially when I need some motivation or want to do some soul searching. I love the topics she writes about. She’s always so supportive and ready for a chat or a quick joke. She’s such a light of positivity in the blogging community and I would love for more people to discover her work.

Resiliency is definitely one of my favorite posts of her so far – give it a read, you won’t be sorry!


I would love for more people to experience her light of positivity and read her excellent content. You can find her at the following links:

Please go and give these bloggers some love, they are truly amazing. Their content will definitely inspire you in some way!

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  • Erica Svendsen

    I love that you use your platform to support other bloggers. I have been astounded at how supportive the blogging community is since connecting with others on Twitter.They encourage and help promote one another. It really gives me the fuel I need to keep going when I’m putting a lot of hours in but not seeing the numbers I want yet. And guess what, now the numbers are rising- thanks to the blogging community. Good job and beautiful blog. Keep up the good work.

    • Multipotentialite

      Thank you so much for your kind words, I really appreciate! I wouldn’t have had half the numbers I have if it wasn’t for the support from the blogging community. I like to give back to other bloggers by promoting and encouraging them. I’ll be sure to check out your blog soonest! xx

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