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Are You Ready For a Baby? 4 Things To Consider

One of the most life-changing commitments you may/may not make at some point in your life is the decision to have a baby. You may be contemplating conceiving with your other half, adopting, having IVF treatment or you may have just found out that you’re pregnant. Either way, you’re rounding up any information you can to support your decision making, so here are 4 things to think about before you take the leap.

Do You Like To Sleep?

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Most of the time you never really realise how much you value something until it’s gone. If you’re in love with your weekend lie-ins, maybe a nap here and there and feel refreshed from a full night’s sleep, are you prepared to sacrifice this for a while (years)? Think about the last time you were sleep deprived and whether you (if at all) coped, as some people do! If you’re prepared to sacrifice your sacred snoozes for a tiny human, you could be on the road to parenthood already.

Do You Like Sharing?

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Everything! Your food, your money, your bed, your body, your life! It can be particularly hard for those who adore their own things, space and quiet time to consider looking after a little baby and having their peaceful or even eventful life disrupted. So before you think about meeting prospective surrogates or removing your vaginal ring, this may be one to think about before you have a baby, because once the girl/boy arrives there’s no going back and you will never be able to eat a pack of biscuits all to yourself ever again. The horror!

Your Financial Situation

Sometimes the cost of looking after a little one is exaggerated. It’s difficult to know how much it will cost when you’ve never had a baby and the one friend you do have who buys all the latest high tech stuff makes it look super expensive. You don’t need to win the lottery to afford to look after a baby, so long as shelter, warmth, food, clothes, nappies, bottles, and a bed are prioritised, it isn’t a necessity for you to have a designer baby three-piece furniture set and an extravagant high chair with all the bells and whistles. But what you do need for your baby will still cost you some money, so if your finances are looking stretched from your love of dining out and going to the movies, be prepared to sacrifice this for your bundle of baby.

Do You Have Support?

Do you have friends with babies that will be able to relate to you, parents and grandparents who live close-by who might be willing to give you a night off or help you with house duties, a loving another half who will be a hands-on parent, local support groups for new parents and babies? Support is an integral part of life for any parent with a baby, to either give them a break, give them someone to relate to, to provide them with advice on how to overcome various baby/parent related issues. Think about what help you have available to assist you in raising a baby because doing it alone is an incredibly difficult thing to do and could drive any sane person stir-crazy?

Considering the 4 points above to help you decipher whether you’re ready to share your life with another being forever will hopefully help you arrive at a decision that’s right for you. Although it appears as if you will sacrifice quite a bit, you’ll gain a lot more in return with a human being that loves and needs you instantly, that will challenge you like no other person on the planet and perhaps even make you a better person.

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