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Are You And Your Partner Failing To Connect?

Relationships are hard. This is something that most of us end up having learned the hard way. After all, we’re often told that the hardest part of any relationship is actually finding someone that you want to be with and that wants to be with you. But the truth is that there are always going to be challenges in any relationship no matter how happy and healthy it is. In order to help you keep your relationship on the straight and narrow, here are some reasons why you and your partner might be drifting apart.

You’re Not Communicating

If there’s one thing that’s more important to any relationship than just about anything else, it’s the ability to communicate with one another. However, really talking to your partner can often be a whole lot more difficult than you might expect. We’re often taught to assume that the right partner is one who can simply intuit how we’re feeling without needing to spell it out for them. This is ridiculous but it ends up being the cause of a lot of tension in many relationships. If you find that you’re having a really hard time communicating with your partner, counselling from someone like Susie Tuckwell can be incredibly valuable. Having someone professional to help you communicate can help to break down a lot of the walls separating you and your partner.

You Need Some Space From Each Other

One of the more common reasons why a lot of people end up experiencing a lot of tension in their relationship is that they assume that they need to spend all of their time with their partner. The reality is that you’re both still individuals who need time to do their own thing. Whether that’s spending time with friends and family or just being on your own for a while. Your partner is always going to be there when you get back, you don’t need to be joined at the hip 24/7.

You’re Not Right For Each Other

Then again, there’s always a chance that things in your relationship aren’t working simply because it’s not the right relationship for both of you. People tend to assume that a breakup needs to happen because of some explosive event but the truth is that sometimes people just aren’t right for each other. Maybe you’re just too different, maybe you want different things out of life. Either way, if you’ve exhausted every other option, it might be time to just call it a day.

One of the most important things to remember is that, just because your relationship isn’t all sunshine and rainbows every single day, that doesn’t mean that there’s something wrong with it. We’ve all been given this idea by Hollywood of what a relationship is supposed to be like but the truth is that relationships are always a whole lot more complicated and difficult than people expect. But they’re also a whole lot more wonderful when you find the right person. Just don’t let unreasonable expectations get in the way

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  • Norma Linnet

    Personally, I believe that the most important thing for a relationship to work is assertive communication and trust. In addition, it must be a healthy relationship, not based on dependency.

    Unfortunately, most of the time you can only learn this from experience, so perhaps you should go through several relationships before finding your better half.

    This was a great post, indeed!

    Peace, Love & Happiness,


    • Multipotentialite

      This is so true!! I truly believe that the best way of learning what works for you, and what you deserve, is through going through relationships and experiencing all that comes with it. Thank you for reading xx

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