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Ageing Parents? Here’s How To Show Them Some Love

While living together as one big family is certainly not common in our culture anymore, it’s still a nice feeling to know that you’re taking care of your parents as they age. It could be something as little as paying them a visit as often as possible and making sure that they’re eating right – or it could be something as uncomfortable as having a chat about their current driving abilities.

Nonetheless, it’s all about ensuring that those who cared for you when you were little and helpless have proper care during their golden years. Here is a handful of ways to make it happen so that you can have them around for as long as possible; happy, healthy, and living their best life.

First: Think About Their Diet

Although it would have been wonderful to cook up some chicken and watch the time rewind before our eyes, it’s not as simple as that. Protein is good for maintaining muscle mass, as we know, but it’s also able to work as a stroke-prevention in older people.

While the younger generation has gone through a fan-phase lately when it comes to protein, our parents and grandparents are not always as up to date – and they seem to be lacking the right amount in their diets.

Serve up some eggs, chicken, and legumes to keep their bodies stronger for longer and even prevent stroke and type 2 Diabetes. You don’t really have to follow a specific diet to reap all the benefits, just make sure it’s well-rounded with a lot of vegetables as well as protein.

Another way to keep your parents healthy while they age is to focus on the Mediterranean diet. As it is with most people, obesity and overweight puts senior’s health at risk. The Mediterranean diet is great for keeping the carb intake at a low level while also giving them a lot of healthy fats from fish, olives, and olive oil.

Healthy fats are great for their bodies as well as their brain which is made of 60 % fat, lowering the risk of memory loss and Alzheimer’s. Check out this article to learn more about healthy fats and brain power, by the way.

Eggs, in this respect, would be a great breakfast food for elderly as it’s high in protein and that delicious yellow core is also rich in healthy fats. Maybe the older generation has been doing alright without our help so far? Toss in a couple of avocados and a nice piece of salmon as well, by the way, to boost their protein and fat intake even more.

Next, Remember To Ask Support

To be a carer for someone is a term today, for better or worse. There used to be a time when assisting someone, be it your elderly neighbour lady or your old uncle, was something we did without realizing it had a name. It sneaks up on you, as it does today, and the amount of care you need to give is only going to increase as they age.

It was no government support back then, no benefits for making the necessary sacrifices in order to look after someone who’s done a lot for you already. And, unsurprisingly, waking up to be a full-time carer takes a massive toll on one’s personal income.

Times have changed and, even though we keep providing the same care nonetheless, the demands won’t weigh as heavy on your shoulders as they did back then. The truth is that anyone can be a carer, and most of us will at one point in our lives. Connect with others like you, seek support, and get the help you need to take proper care of your loved ones.

You can have a look at Yukana, first of all, to read up on some of the benefits of a retirement village. A lot of seniors choose to move to one of these themselves, by the way, because the area is considered safe enough for them to walk around in – and they’ll often have a lot of their friends there as well who have also decided to move to one of these villages.

Safety, friends, and nice surroundings can do a lot for our health, after all, and they’ll even have access to more people who think about their health and who can make sure that they’re eating the right kind of food.

Being active boosts their brain and body

A lot of older people fall into a vicious circle of not sleeping properly and therefore not being able to be as active as they would have if they’d got a good night’s sleep. If they were to be active, they would sleep better – and if they slept better, they would also be much more active.

If you’re not sure about what kind of activities that would be good for your parent, have a chat with their senior home care provider or see if you can find some local groups for your elderly. The thing with being active when you’re elderly is that it benefits both your mind and your body tremendously, which again has a huge impact on their general well being.

Dancing is fun, healthy, and social so consider signing your parent up for a few classes. If they don’t have anyone to go with and dread going alone, you simply join them – it shouldn’t be a problem for you to keep up, at least.

It’s a good idea to think about their diet as well and implement some healthy fats such as salmon and avocado as well as some brain-boosting berries. The more you show your parent that you love them and care for them, the better it will be for their mental health.

It can be tough to watch as your parents are becoming slightly more confused and unable to care for themselves. The best you can do for them is to make sure they’re eating right, staying hydrated, finding pain relief, and getting enough exercise. The more they’re able to move and be active, the more likely it is that their mental health will be balanced too – and you can enjoy their company for much longer.

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