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5 Great Outdoor Activities For You And Your Kids

If you are at your wit’s end trying to find suitable activities for you and your kids, help is at hand. This article looks at a few great outdoor activities that are guaranteed to please, and by spending quality downtime with the family, you are strengthening that important parental bond. While all of the following are suitable for family activities, you will no doubt have your favourites. Whether the children are at home for school holidays or you’re just looking for some entertainment over weekends, you’re sure to find something in this article!

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Taking the kids to a country trail where you can ride quad bikes is the stuff that really gets the adrenalin going. If you’re in Cape Town, South Africa. There are some kids quads for sale you can check out from the UK’s leading supplier of quality quads, and once you are all kitted out and have done some basic safety training, you are ready to explore the stunning countryside on four wheels. You can buy road legal machines, or quads that are to be used on private property, and this addictive pastime is one that your kids will never say no to.

The Paintball Experience

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There’s no better way to enjoy an adventurous day out with your kids than donning the protective gear and heading into battle against an opposing team. The guns are pretty amazing, and, of course, once you’ve been hit, you’re out of the game. This will test both you and your children to the limit, as you plan your strategy to overcome the enemy, and with a lot of determination and a little good fortune, your team will be the one left standing at the end of the firefight!

Should you be up for this challenge, there are a few places in Cape Town you can check out. You will be the coolest parents around! Here are a few places to visit for a good paintball experience:

Family Treasure Hunts

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This great day out can be combined with quad riding, and with each team given the same set of clues, you must find the treasure, which would be very well concealed. There are online providers of such adventure days, and by contacting a Quad dealer, you might be lucky, as many also organise these amazing adventure days out.

If you don’t want to leave the house or the weather is dull, the children would still enjoy an indoor treasure hunt!

Watching Your Favorite Team Play at Home

If your kids support the same team as you, by getting tickets for the family enclosure, you can all cheer the team to victory. This kind of outing inspires many youngsters to push the boundaries and become professional sportspeople in their own right. If you fancy a long journey, you could always take them to an away game, where the team needs all the support they can get.

Go Watch a Music Concert

If your kids have a favourite band and you can stand to listen, why not arrange a surprise? Tickets can be acquired online, and it will be something that stays with them for the rest of their lives. Either that, or you can educate your children regarding real music and let them experience the older generation music.

Here is a list of a few upcoming concerts in Cape Town, 2019:

  • Ed Sheeran 27 March 2019 at Cape Town Stadium
  • Sam Smith 16 April 2019 at GrandWest Casino
  • Elandre 6 April 2019 at EJ’s Paarl
  • Francois van Coke en Vriende 3 May 2019 at GrandWest Casino
  • Paarl Musiek Fees 12 April 2019
  • Jan Blohm Band 21 March 2019 at Die Boer, Durbanville
  • Watershed 23 March 2019 at Kapstadt Brauhaus
  • Demi Lee Moore 24 May 2019 at The Barn Theatre


When all else fails, GO CAMPING! Pack your tents and sleeping bags and enjoy some green time at a camping site near you.

Whether quad riding or paintball shooting, or cheering the local team to victory, all of the above are great ways to spend quality time with your children.

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