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4 Things Every Newly Engaged Woman Should Know

You’re engaged!


This is a good read for newly engaged woman, and could spare you some disappointment.

1 . Keep Calm

Do not talk about your wedding all the time! Although this might sound harsh, you need to bear in mind that the engagement is your reality (and a happy one at that), but not everyone will be as enthusiastic about it as you are on a 24/7 basis.

Even though they will share in your happiness, they still have their own lives. As a newly engaged love bird, you’ll create high expectations that your friends would want to invest all their time and effort into your special day. This is true to some extent, but be careful of setting the bar too high. This could cause you a great deal of disappointment.

Remember that they have their own existence too and that they might need you to return the favour once in a while by listening to their drama without making them feel like your wedding comes first at all costs. Before they are potential bridesmaids, they are your friends. Don’t be that bride!

2 . Bridal parties shouldn’t be chosen at engagement celebrations

Don’t choose your bridal party until you are 100% (sober) confident with your choice. In the beginning it’s easy for people to join in the excitement and arrangements, or at least until the hard work starts. In the early stages all they can think of is your insane bachelorette and how they will make it a night to remember. Fair enough, having a party animal or two in your bridal party is definitely a must.

Be warned though, for a lot of people, that is where it ends. The bachelorette party. All I’m saying is that planning a wedding can become extremely stressful and eventually take it’s toll on the bride, which will put her in a situation where she has to count on her bridesmaids to step in and save the day. Your wedding needs to take priority when it comes to the bridal party and they should be equally serious about both the pre-celebrations as well as the importance of your special day. You need to be able to trust them with things like your wedding cake and your dress. You need to be able to sit back and rest assured that all is taken care of, when you are unable to attend to it yourself.

If this is not the case, you are in for a bumpy ride. I suggest testing the waters first before making your final choice when it comes to members of your bridal party.

3 . Don’t waste your money, DIY!

There is nothing more tragic than witnessing your beautiful wedding venue being cleaned up after spending months contemplating the finer details. Every single detail in that room was carefully planned and selected by you, to have the fairy tale wedding you deserve. What a waste to have enjoyed it for only 6-8 hours only to witness it being taken down and realizing that life will continue just as it had before your wedding.

You have probably taken out loans to afford most of the decor at your venue, and spent the last of your savings as well. When you get back from your honeymoon you will be depressed AF. You will spend the next year trying to make your money back and will start regretting spending all that money.

There are some amazing DIY ideas out there for any wedding theme you can think of, some of which I will be blogging about in my future posts. Incorporating DIY in your wedding will not only help you save a few dimes but it will also distract you when you feel overwhelmed by all the drama that comes with planning a wedding. Feel free to keep a look out for future DIY posts!

4 . Focus equally on both comfort and glamour

There is nothing more horrible than being in an uncomfortable dress throughout your special day. This is the day you have been dreaming of since you were a little girl, and you should be able to take in every moment of it without having to worry about how your body looks in your dress.

If you incorporate DIY, you will have extra money to spend on a good quality dress that is either made to fit you like glove, or have a second hand dress tailored to your needs. How you feel in your dress will affect every other aspect of how you remember your special day. You should be able to move around comfortably while feeling like a princess. If your dress is constantly hurting you or needs to be pulled up in order to hide the girls all the time, it is going to affect everything else too. You will look uncomfortable in your wedding photos / videos and will regret wearing it in the first place. Everything can be made easier by DIY, except for your wedding dress. I cannot stress this enough… long after your special day, your guests will remember it by how you looked when you walked down the aisle. So have that dress tailored and make it an unforgettable memory.

  –  Multipotentialite

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  • Kristenne

    Oooh, we got engaged this day 3 years ago. We had a simple engagement party with family 🙂

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